The Tattooed Golf Coach

HI... I'm Harry.

I'm a professional golfer, but as you can see I'm covered in tattoos and I don’t look like your average golf pro.

I started playing when I was little, but because I looked different and had my own style, I suffered lots of abuse from the golfing establishment.

In fact it got so bad that I ended up quitting for a number of years.

The pandemic gave me time to think and I decided to get back into golf on my own terms.

As well as playing professionally and teaching, with the help of my brother Lewy we created Shaw Golf Clothing.

If I was going to play golf, I wanted to wear clothes that looked good and made me feel good too… Not some boring old, traditional outfit.

So that's me. Pro Golfer, Tattoos from shoulder to toe, fighting to make golf an inclusive game where it doesn't matter how much you earn or what your background is.