So... who are Shaw Golf and why should you buy our gear?

My name's Harry Shaw - here's a picture so you know who's talking to you...

I'm a professional golfer, but as you can see i'm covered in tattoos and I like to wear clothes that I want to wear on the course.

As a kid I played loads of golf, but because I looked different and liked to wear my own gear I got a load of stick from the old boys at the golf club. In fact it got so bad that I ended up quitting golf for a number of years.

The lockdowns in the UK during Covid gave me time to think, and i decided to stick 2 fingers up to the old guard and get back into golf on my terms! 

First I started a golf teaching studio in Bournemouth (with music playing and beer on tap!)

Then I launched Shaw Golf.

You see I couldn't find anywhere that made the clothes I wanted to wear, so my brother and me got together and Shaw Golf was born.

All our clothes had to meet 3 strict rules:


  1. Be comfortable

  2. Perform well

  3. Look great!


And we weren't alone. We've had an incredible response from guys all over the world who are glad to be able to finally find gear that let's them be themselves - after all who want's to look like a boring old fart?!?

My story has also really hit home with lots of people - we even had the BBC do a bit about me which you can check out here...

That's enough about me!

Thanks again for checking out my website and I can't wait for you to try out our gear.