The Fashion Game of Golf is Changing - Here’s Why You Need To Be Part of It

The Fashion Game of Golf is Changing - Here’s Why You Need To Be Part of It

When it comes to writing about golf clothing brands in 2022, it is safe to say that the activity is far more entertaining now than it would have been a decade prior.

For years, the golf industry was a lot like other sports - doggedly run and controlled by the world of sportswear and sweatshop brand clothing. They ruled the scene and for a long time that was all that people had to work with but times change. Nowadays, it’s a different bag entirely - there are brands focusing on inclusivity, and trying desperately to shrug off the elitist vibe that the sport has held in the public eye for so long.


Functionality and Comfort

It’s safe to say that the elite fashion labels that were typically associated with golf are beginning to fall away, replaced with things which are much more casual, and indeed universal. Bucket hats, polo shirts inspired by rugby, golf pants that look like workmen’s gear - these are all normal in golf now.

Clothing nowadays is much more fun and dynamic - it is built for a more energetic golf player. One can argue that the COVID-19 pandemic had something to do with this to an extent. Before the pandemic, there was a trend of older people playing at golf clubs across the UK. The age demographic was typically 65+.

However, this shifted after the lockdown. The demographic now is in the 25-40 range - men who are in the prime of their lives and find golf to be an agreeable social pastime with good friends.


The Shift in Clothing and Attitude

The ultimate trend that we’re seeing when it comes to people who play golf is a shift in clothing to match the changing attitude of its fans.

Golfing clothing is no longer the uniform of the elderly - the gaudy polo shirts, loose-fitting trousers, and big shoes are a thing of the past. The new trend that is emerging is much more unpretentious and unassuming - it’s a reflection of how the negative image associated with golf is slowly winding down.

That’s not to say that elderly people aren’t playing golf at all - many still are - just that the elite image that the game used to hold is now fading away. We all want to be part of this shift because it represents a new age for the sport; an era where people come from all backgrounds and play in clothing reminiscent of what we wear everyday.


The lines are being redrawn to make golf everybody’s game.



Final Thoughts  

So, when it comes to golf, it is important to acknowledge that there is a fundamental shift in the way fashion - and attitudes - are ruling the game right now. The layers of snobbery and elitism which have dogged golf for years now (an image not entirely without truth) is beginning to fade away. Golf clothing is becoming much more casual, simple and enjoyable, and it speaks to the attitudes of its new, younger audience. It’s truly a renaissance if one has ever been seen.